7 Delicious Polish Beers To Try Today

When you think of Poland and alcoholic beverages, there’s a good chance that you’ll think of some spirit or vodka-based drink.

And while vodka is certainly very popular, being considered a national beverage, it is by no means the only thing that you’ll catch being drank in Poland. Beer, for example, is also pretty high on that list!

7 Delicious Polish Beers To Try Today

Polish beer, or ‘Piwo’ as it is known in Polish, has been drunk and enjoyed by many people in this country for hundreds of years.

However, it’s never seemed to have gotten the same press and attention that Beer brands from other countries, or even the many vodka breweries across Poland have.

Well, that’s just not fair. Especially with so many brands that, while perhaps not as well-known as their Western European counterparts, are still a treat to drink, taste, and enjoy!

If you’re looking for the best Polish beers to enjoy, whether you’re looking to try and find some imported examples, or want to know what beers to drink on your next visit to this amazing country, this guide will have you covered!

1. Tyskie Gronie

Starting us off with a pale lager that is widely drunk across the whole of Poland, we have one of the most popular alcoholic beverages across the country.

Tyskie is a name that many people who have been to Poland will be familiar with, being a family of different beers and lagers that are widely drunk in bars and restaurants across Poland.

For us, the best has to be Tyskie’s Gronie. Everything, from the pale yellow and golden color, to just that little bit of head you get from a perfectly drawn pint, there’s plenty to love here.

From the smell and taste of the pale lager, you’ll get hints and tones of tons of different flavors.

You’ll get a little of the earthier malts that you’d expect from a beer/lager, but you’ll also find quite a few different fruitier flavors blended into the mix.

From the slightly sour apple to the softer subtle sweetness of the banana, there’s a surprising amount of variety in just this drink alone!

Plus, it’s also one of the easiest drinks to get a hold of when looking for beer in Poland, whether it’s in stores, or at a bar. So you won’t have any trouble tracking a bottle of this lager down!

2. Zubr

Poland is a country with plenty of history to it, with many of its prominent breweries being open for centuries at this point.

If you’re looking for a drink that helps represent that history, while also packing in some great flavor, you can do a lot worse than Zubr beer!

While this beer has only been known as Zubr for a couple of decades (since 2002), its former name, Dojildy, has been in operation for well over 200 years before changing its name, making it a cornerstone of Polish drinking culture.

Heck, Zubr’s logo has a European Bison on it (the national animal of the country), further cementing that a drink of this beer is to enjoy a drink that is firmly Polish in every way possible.

However, what exactly does that flavor taste like?

Well, it’s a crisp flavor, staying just long enough to give you that hop-filled flavor with a hint of sweetness, but will leave your mouth as soon as you swallow it.

It’s a mark above many of the inferior lagers that you can buy out there, where the hop flavor just sits in your mouth until it becomes almost skunk-like and unbearable.

Plus, Zubr has a surprising amount of international appeal for a Polish beer, making it both a common drink domestically and outside of the country too.

With all this going for it, a sharp flavor that doesn’t stay long, this is the perfect grill or BBQ beer to have while you’re cooking and eating some sausages and burgers.

3. Żywiec Białe

Several famous breweries across Poland ended up being taken over by the Polish People’s Republic following World War 2, under the scrutiny of the USSR.

However, since the end of the Cold War, many of these old breweries have since opened up again under their names, as private businesses once again sprung up and came back across the country.

Żywiec is one such brand that came out of the Cold War like this, and now owns several medium and large-sized breweries across Poland, releasing a ton of different types of beer for the public to enjoy.

Our personal favorite, their 5.6% Białe beer, is an amazing choice, with its pale yellow color, thin white head that it gets when poured right, and plenty of crisp flavors to it. 

Plus, it’s an internationally recognized beer and is even sold across the United States (in limited quantities, at least). So you don’t even need to visit Poland to get a taste of this good stuff!

4. O.K. Beer Okocim

O.K. Beer has been one of the most popular brands of beer across Europe for a few years, especially in Eastern and Central Europe. So it must be doing something right!

Well, as soon as you pour a glass of this great beer out, you can see why. The soft golden hue of this drink is easy on the eyes, especially with a medium head that leaves scattered lacing as you pour it.

As with the best beers in Poland, you’ll find that the taste is very earthy, filled with malt and grain flavors. However, you’ll also find notes of corn and even a fruity undertone to the taste of this beer.

Couple that with an almost creamy frothy texture, and you have a very moreish beer, making for a quality beer to have alongside any meal, or even on its own.

5. Zwiec Porter

While perhaps not as popular as lager, porters are another type of beer that tastes amazing (when brewed well), and have a distinct character all of their own, from their noticeably darker color to the almost coffee or caramel flavors that they can carry.

One of the best porter beers that you’ll find in Poland is Zwiec’s porter.

With its strong, characteristic flavor that carries hints of molasses and brown sugars to it, and a smooth texture as you drink it, this is a drink that is meant to be savored as you enjoy it, rather than guzzled as quickly as possible, as tempting as that can be.

(Given the relatively high 9%, it’s probably for the best that you don’t guzzle it too!)

Then again, with the creamy texture that this porter has, you may find that this is almost too rich to gulp down quickly anyway.

If you’re looking for drinking recommendations, we suggest drinking this glass from a tulip-style glass, to get the full range of flavors that you’ll be enjoying this drink for.

6. Ciechan Pszeniczne

Of course, not every drink that is popular in Poland is necessary from there.

There are a ton of other International European beers (see also: 14 Delicious European Beers To Try Today)that are plenty easy to find in the country, with Ciechcan’s Pszeniczne being one of them.

This German variety of beer has become incredibly popular across Poland and for good reason.

This light, refreshing beer is the perfect drink for feeling refreshed during a hot summer’s day, as well as being just crisp and frothy enough to make the beer feel like a beer, rather than a soda of some kind.

Add tot hat some elements of clove and banana smells and flavors in the froth, and you have one of our favorite beers, right here!

7. Lech Premium

Now, if you’re looking for a beer with a perfect fluffy white head poured out from every bottle, we’d highly recommend trying out Lech’s premium beer drink(see also: 7 Delicious Japanese Beers To Try Today).

The hops and grains that go into making this beer can be easily tasted here, giving this 4.9% beer a strong flavor to it.

And yet, with the thick frothy head that you can get out of a bottle (at least, when poured right), there’s also an interesting creamy texture to each mouthful that sits in your mouth.

It’s an interesting combination, but one that works well if you’re looking for a great beer for a hot summer’s day.

And trust us, a summer day in Poland will leave you wanting a good glass of beer!

Combine that with a decent amount of carbonation in every bottle, and just a hint of sweetness, and you have an ideal hot-day beer beverage to make your way through!

Final Notes

So, as you can see, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to beers to pick from Poland.

While some of these brands might not be the most famous examples of beer across the world, we can certainly guarantee their quality when it comes to smell, taste, mouth feel, and how refreshing they are.

Plus, while perhaps not always the most famous on this side of the pond, it’s clear that Polish beer is coming up in the world.

Well, with beers that are becoming increasingly popular across Europe starting life as hops and malt in Polish breweries, perhaps that will change in the future.

For now, we’re content to just enjoy our amazing bottle of beer on this list!

Rees Vaughn
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