9 Delicious Australian Beers To Try Today

Australia is a country that is known around the world for many different things.

When you think of Australia, you probably think of the interesting and slightly scary wildlife, the beautiful beaches and surfing opportunities, or the amazing indigenous history of the land.

9 Delicious Australian Beers To Try Today

However, if there is one thing that Australians should truly be known for, it is their beer. 

Beer is something that is taken very seriously throughout the country. In fact, each state within the country has its own beer that is brewed and sold almost exclusively in the state.

In this guide, we are going to look at 10 of the most delicious Australian beers that you should try today(see also: 6 Delicious French Beers To Try Today). 

1. Victoria Bitter

The most iconic beer in Australia is Victoria Bitter. Brewed in Melbourne, Victoria, its green tin is famous throughout the country and is instantly recognizable. This legendary beer has long been considered the classic Australian lager. 

Victoria Bitter is brewed to specifically deliver a full body of flavor when it is served ice cold. This makes it the perfect beer to cool off and feel refreshed in the Australian climate. It is also a full-strength beer with an ABV of 4.9%. 

The color of the beer is golden amber and the head is firm and lasts, as is common with Australian beers. The aroma of this beer has gentle, fruity notes which perfectly complement the sweetness of the malt.

There is a clean bitterness from the hops that finishes each sip of the beer perfectly. 

2. Tooheys

Traveling north of Victoria, New South Wales has an offering of its own for delicious Australian beers. Tooheys is the beer of choice that you will find in this state.

The can has a stag on it which makes it very recognizable. This famous Sydney brand was originally founded by the Tooheys brothers, Irish immigrants, in 1869.

There are multiple beers that are produced by Tooheys so there is something for everyone. If you want an easy-drinking lager, you want Tooheys New. This is a light lager that is perfect for session drinkers.

There is a richer, dark ale called Tooheys Old. This is perfect for lovers of heavier, thicker beers. Finally, there is Tooheys Extra Dry, a crisp and refreshing beer, perfect for Australian summer heat. 


This beer, pronounced four-ex, is produced in Brisbane, Queensland. This beer has been produced in the same town for almost a century, so they have gotten the process down to a fine art. This is evidenced by the quality of this popular beer. 

As with Tooheys beer, there are multiple types of XXXX beer available. However, the most popular in the country is the XXXX Gold. This is a mid-strength beer that is perfect for cookouts and tailgates.

This is also a lower-carb beer which makes it easier to digest without bloating. 

XXXX beer is the most popular beer in Queensland and there are multiple varieties available. In addition to the incredibly popular XXXX Gold, there is also XXXX Bitter which is a heavier drink but still a pale lager.

The XXXX Summer Bright Lager is a more fruity beer that is available in lime and mango flavors as well as original. Finally, there is XXXX Dry, an easy-drinking, full-strength lager that is less sweet than others. 

4. Coopers

The other beer brands that we have mentioned are owned by much larger, international brewing companies. Coopers, based in Adelaide, is the largest locally-owned brewery in Australia.

This makes it a much more interesting brand to try. Coopers is still primarily controlled and run by the Coopers family that started it. 

There are a variety of beers that are produced by Coopers. The most popular Coopers product is the green-capped pale ale. The company also sells home-brewing equipment, although this may only be available within Australia. 

There are 11 different types of beer that are available from Coopers, including a non-alcoholic lager-style beer and a low-alcohol beer. Some of the most popular products from Coopers include their sparkling ale.

This is a golden ale made in an English style. The beer has a unique cloudy appearance due to sediment being left in the bottle after production. 

5. Cascade

Traveling to a slightly lesser-known area of the country you come across the Cascade Brewery in Hobart. This small Brewery has been producing a signature premium lager for around 200 hundred years.

In fact, this is the oldest brewery in Australia that has continuously operated since its opening. 

The thing that makes Cascade such a delicious beer (see also: 6 Delicious Irish Beers To Try Today)that needs to be tried is the pure waters from Mount Wellington that are used in the brewing process. The products also use locally grown and sourced ingredients such as hops and barley.

The Cascade Premium Light is one of the most popular light beers in Australia. It is a refreshing beer that boasts a full flavor.

The unique combination of local hops and malts creates a well-balanced and aromatic beer that is perfect for unwinding after a long, hot day. 

6. Carlton Draught

Heading back down to the bottom of Australia, you will find Carlton Draught beer. This is another incredibly popular beer in Australia. This is a traditional, full-strength lager with a mid-palate.

The flavor of the beer is crisp with strong malt aromas and a full body. The hops provide a bitterness that makes the beer feel slightly dry after each sip. 

This beer pours a clear, golden color. As with all Australian beers, there is an ample foam head on the beer. The aroma of the beer boasts notes of corn, vegetables, and bitterness.

People describe this beer as being slightly buttery or creamy which can make the beverage feel more luxurious than a simple Australian beer. 

7. Little Creatures

Traveling across to Western Australia, you will find Little Creatures in the town of Fremantle. This is a relatively new brewery that only began producing beer in the year 2000. They are craft brewers that work out of a warehouse in Fremantle. 

Little Creatures is most known for its pale ale which is exported around the world. The ABV of this beer is 5.2% which makes it a full-strength beer. When poured, the beer has a golden color that is nearly clear.

There is a faint haziness to the beer that comes from sediment in the bottle. 

There is a rich head on this beer which helps to release the aromas. There are notes of citrus and tropical fruits as well as hops. There is a distinct flavor of hops in this beer but the bitterness is faint.

You can taste the citrus notes and there is a malty sweetness to it.

8. James Squire

If you want an Australian beer that is linked to the history of the country, James Squire is for you. This brewing company was founded by an English-born thief who was transported to Sydney as a convict.

He was the first man to cultivate hops and open a commercial brewery in the country. 

The original beer is still being made by the brewery. An amber ale that is full-bodied and malt-driven. This beer can be identified by its rich copper hue. This beer has a sweetness that is similar to toffee or caramel.

There is a nutty finish to the flavor that balances the sweetness with the lighter, citrus hop notes. 

There is also the Newcastle Brown Ale which is very popular in this brewery. This beer is created with a blend of pale and crystallized malts.

This particular beer was a trailblazer in Australian brewing with many other companies following suit in recent years. However, James Squire will always be the original. 

9. Matilda Bay

In Perth, Western Australia you will find Matilda Bay Brewery. This is considered to be the first craft brewery in Australia before it was bought by Carlton and expanded.

There are many types of beer that are produced by this brewery that are popular throughout the country. 

The most popular type of beer from Matilda Bay is the Fat Yak Pale Ale. The beer has a distinctive clear copper amber hue and a decent Australian head.

There is a subtle carbonation in the beer. The aromas of the beer include red tea, fruit, and nuts. The beer has a light body and a dry finish. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many different types of beer that are available from Australian breweries. Each state in the country has its own beer that is representative of the state. All of these beers are designed to be served iced cold to complement the Australian climate. 

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Get Australian Beer Outside Of Australia?

The short answer is, yes. The majority of Australian breweries export their product around the world. Europe is a popular destination for breweries to export their beers to.

However, they are also known to export to the US. although you may need to visit a specialist liquor store or bar to find them.

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