13 Delicious Beers From Around The World To Try Today

accompaniment to sport, meeting up with friends, and hot days in the sun. 

International beers that come from different countries are very popular in the United States, like Guinness, Heineken, and Stella. These all have interesting flavors and notes that make each brew special. 

13 Delicious Beers From Around The World To Try Today

If you’re a beer enthusiast, you’ll find 13 delicious beers from around the world in this post(see also: 14 Delicious English Beers To Try Today)(see also: 8 Delicious Thai Beers To Try Today). Whether you prefer IPAs, Blondes, or Pilsners, you’re sure to find an international beer that suits your tastes below. 

Keep reading to discover some refreshing and tasty beers from around the globe! 

1. Guinness – Ireland

orite beer, this hearty Dry Stout is loved for its rich flavor and creamy texture. 

The beer is only made with four ingredients: water, hops, brewer’s yeast, and malted barley.

This may seem simple enough, but to create Guinness properly, you need to have knowledge and skills in mycology, thermodynamics, microbiology, and bacteriology. 

With a velvety consistency and a pleasant bitter aftertaste, this Irish stout is a staple option seen at any dignified pub! 

2. Asahi – Japan

Asahi, meaning morning sun, was first created in 1949 by Asahi Breweries, a Japanese brewery group. It’s known as Japan’s most popular beer and is now one of the most popular beers around the globe.

Asahi beer is a pale yellow shade with a light, dry finish. It isn’t too bitter but has a velvety consistency that’s refreshing in warm weather.

Interestingly, Asahi is made from a rare type of yeast. This aids in fermentation and creates a unique aroma with a malty, elegant taste. 

3. Red Stripe – Jamaica

Known for its chunky bottles and recognizable red logo, Red Stripe is a very popular beer that hails from Jamaica. 

This light lager has a pale yellow hue and clear finish. It gives off a sweet smell with undertones of fruity apples. The flavor is similar, with an overall sweet flavor and a nice amount of bubbles on the tongue. 

You’ll notice hops shining through the drink. These make way for pleasant sweet notes that remain in the mouth.

Red Stripe has a more complex flavor profile compared to other light lagers, but it remains refreshing enough to enjoy on a hot day. 

4. Heineken – The Netherlands

This worldwide favorite was first made in Amsterdam in 1873. In addition to hops, malted barley, and purified water, the pale lager is made with Heineken A-yeast; a special yeast strain that was first developed in 1886. 

Heineken has a light amber hue and produces a moderately thick head. This rapidly fades to a thin, residual foam. The lager gives off amazing aromas, including honeysuckle, leather, and banana. 

Taste-wise, there’s a nice balance between bitter hop notes and juicy fruity flavors. The finish has a gentle bitterness and a pleasant metallic feel, which is perfect for quenching your thirst. 

5. Urquell – Czech Republic

Josef Groll, a Bavarian brewmaster, first created Urquell in 1842. This was an incredible invention as it was the first bottom-fermented, clear beer.

Urquell is known as the original Pilsner and has remained an international favorite since the late 19th century.

Urquell has a clear consistency and a dark golden hue. It forms a white head roughly a finger’s width which fades rapidly to lean foam. 

The pale lager gives off fresh bread and sweet, slightly earthy smells. The taste is similar, with toasted crust notes and a crisp, clean flavor.

You’ll also notice a bitter, dry finish with a metallic hint, which rounds off the beer’s flavor profile nicely.  

6. Kölsch – Germany

Originally created in Köln, Germany, Kölsch is now available at several brewpubs in the United States. 

Though beers are often classed as either lagers or ales, Kölsch is a blend of the two.

This is the result of a unique brewing technique that involves fermenting with ale yeast and using cold temperatures to finish, as seen with lager production.  

This creates a light, easily drinkable beer that like an ale, has spicy, slightly fruity notes. It also has a clean, crisp aftertaste that’s similar to the ones within pale lager.

This all makes Kölsch an interesting beer that suits a variety of occasions. 

7. Brahma – Brazil

Though Brahma was first created in Brazil, the company is currently owned by InBev, a well-known Belgian brewer. 

This lager has a straw-like hue and a slender white head. This fades quickly to gentle lacing and gives off lots of bubbles. You’ll notice sweet, slightly grassy aromas and a similar sweet taste. 

The lager also has some fruity notes, but these don’t overpower the drink.  The result is an invigorating, easy-to-drink beverage with a pleasant metallic finish.

8. Peroni Nastro Azzuro – Italy

Peroni Nastro Azzurro was first created in 1963. The title comes from the Italian name for ‘Blue Ribbon’ and is very popular in and outside of Italy. 

The pale lager has a clean consistency and a pale amber hue. It creates a decent head and has a nice carbonation level. You’ll notice white bread notes and gentle corn flavors. There’s a small amount of earthy hops which balances out the sweeter elements. 

The lager also has a crisp, slightly malty aftertaste that is primarily dry. Overall, Nastro Azzurro is a light, clean lager that’s great for warmer days. 

9. Stella Artois – Belgium

Stella Artois Lager was first created in Belgium but is currently made in several countries around the world, like the UK, Australia, and Brazil. 

The ingredients include hops, maize, malted barley, and Bohemian Saas hops, creating a clean, upright beverage. It’s known as the go-to in Belgian pubs and is a pleasant drink to wind down with in the evening. 

The lager is clear with a light golden hue. The head is small and rapidly disappears, giving way to lots of carbonation. 

You’ll notice muted bready scents with gentle herb-like undertones. The taste is very light with hints of bread, hops, and metal on the tongue. The finish is similar, with traces of bread and hops on the aftertaste. 

Stella Artois’ balanced flavors are nice to relax with, but the lager also works well as a palate cleanser between dishes. 

10. Snow – China

A lot of people have never heard of Snow beer, but it is the world’s best-selling beer since 2008! This is because Snow beer is sold exclusively within China. You may be able to find cans within Singapore and Hong Kong, but not to the extent you would inside China. 

Snow is lighter in terms of taste and flavor, especially when compared to other beers from the U.S. and Canada. It has a watery feel with citrus aromas, along with hints of grain and barley. 

As the beer is so light, Snow is great for washing down food, especially heartier dishes with lots of different notes. 

11. Corona Extra – Mexico

Corona Extra is the most imported beer in Canada and the U.S. and is also the top-selling Mexican beer (see also: 5 Delicious Mexican Beers To Try Today)throughout the globe. 

This light pilsner-style drink is usually served with a lime slice inside the bottleneck.

Though lime slices have become part of Corona’s image, Mexicans don’t usually drink the beverage in this way, saving the lime for tourists. 

Corona has a pale straw hue and a small head that fades rapidly to foam. You’ll notice gentle sweet scents of corn and flowery hops.

The taste is crisp and clean with gentle sweet notes. You’ll also notice metallic undercurrents and a rice-like finish. 

12. Kingfisher – India

Kingfisher beer was first made in India in 1978. This pale lager is India’s best-selling beer and accounts for one out of three bottles sold within the country. 

The beer is clear and has a pleasant golden shade. It produces a small white head which rapidly makes way for foam. 

Kingfisher releases wet, bready aromas with gentle fruity notes, including grape, banana, and lime. It tastes light and has white bread, corn, and earthy grassy hop flavors.

The beer also has a metallic aftertaste with hints of barbecued corn running through. 

Kingfisher’s lighter, well-balanced flavors go well with Indian food and are refreshing enough to keep you cool during summer.  

13. Hanoi Beer – Vietnam

Named after Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi beer is affordable and has clean, crisp flavors. The beer was brewed using classic French methods that were left in Vietnam in 1890.

Today, the same beverage is loved by Hanoi’s residents and is a regular choice in North Vietnam. 

The pale lager has a golden hue with gentle grassy notes, along with citrus undercurrents to round out the flavors.

It has a decent carbonation level, a light body, and a dry, slightly bitter finish. Overall, Hanoi beer is easy-to-drink and goes well with several East Asian dishes. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the names of some international beers, you can keep an eye out for them on your travels! 

Many of these are available within the U.S., though you may need to venture outside to try some exclusive beers, (see also: 10 Delicious Italian Beers To Try Today)like Chinese brand Snow. 

We hope you enjoy trying some new beers from around the world!

Rees Vaughn
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