10 Best Cape May Breweries To Try Today

In modern times, it is certainly true that the craft beer industry is experiencing a boom – with new and exciting independent breweries opening their doors each year. 

One of the more prominent beer producing states is New Jersey, with the town of Cape May being more prolific than most. But what are the best breweries in Cape May, and what makes them so special? 

10 Best Cape May Breweries To Try Today

Where Is Cape May? 

Cape May is a city, located on the southernmost tip of the Cape May Peninsula in the state of New Jersey.

Located between the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Cape May has a long history as a vacation destination – with people from all over the country vacationing there from as early as 1816. 

Famed for its Victorian architecture, Cape May is classified as a historic district – and one that is protected by the Federal government due to its historic importance. 

Typified by the charming, brightly colored beach houses, and the historic sights and attractions, the city remains one of the most popular places in the state, and one of the most beloved destinations on all of the east coast. 

The 10 Best Cape May Breweries

Now that we know a little more about Cape May, New Jersey, and the historic significance that it holds within the fabric of the United States, it is now time to take a closer look at some of the best breweries within the city, and what makes them so special.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. 7 Mile Brewery

First on our list, we have 7 Mile Brewing – a great craft brewery with a focus on creating great tasting beer that can be enjoyed in a friendly, wholesome, comfortable environment. 

And what more can we expect from a great brewery? At 7 Mile, they seek to make beer as interesting and unique as the people who drink, and that is why they spend their time tracking down the best hops, grains, and ingredients to ensure their beer is the best. 

Now something of a Cape May institution, 7 Mile is definitely one to check out if you consider yourself a craft beer fanatic. 

Address: 3156 Route 9 South, Rio Grande, NJ

2. Bucket Brigade Brewery

Next we have Bucket Brigade Brewery – a brewery founded in 2016 by two craft beer loving brothers who once worked as firemen within the city. 

Beginning as home brewers, before pursuing their dream in 2016, Bucket Brigade is a true example of passion and hard work winning out – with the brewery becoming part of the very fabric of the Cape May craft scene, despite the short time they have been in business. 

With a charming, unique setting, and some of the best beers in the city, Bucket Brigade is the perfect place to kick back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

Address: 205 N Main St, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210

3. Cape May Brewing Company

Perhaps one of the most famous mainstay breweries within the city, the Cape May Brewing Company is one of the largest producers of craft beer in the area – offering one of the largest selections of beers, and one of the largest tap rooms for people to sit back and enjoy. 

Beginning with a small lot at the Cape May airport, they soon expanded, moving into the city and gathering a dedicated following of like minded craft beer fanatics.

In the present day, it is now hard to think of a time when they weren’t there – not to mention a time when their beer wasn’t the word on everyone’s lips. 

Address: 409 Breakwater Rd, Cape May, NJ 08204

4. Coho Brewing Co.

Formed by two passionate couples who began working together at catering gigs, Coho Brewing Co. has all the charm you would expect from a family owned business, offering a winning combination of great food, great company, and great beer to those lucky enough to visit. 

Named after ‘COurt HOuse’, and referencing the owner’s previous profession in the legal system, Coho represents what happens when passionate, hard working people come together to produce something they love – and we are certainly grateful that they did!

Address: 28 Indian Trail Rd, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210

5. Cold Spring Brewery

Next we have Cold Spring Brewery – (see also: 6 Of The Best Breweries In Palm Springs)a brewery dedicated to protecting the legacy and history of the area, and named for Cold Spring Village, a historic site in the city. 

With an old timey charm that you just don’t see anymore, and a relaxing environment that is perfect for kicking back and sharing with good company, Cold Spring have certainly carved out a niche for themselves within the Cape May area – providing their own take on craft beer to a passionate crowd of enthusiasts. 

Taking inspiration from original 1800s beer recipes, Cold Spring is the closest you will get to enjoying some of the great beverages of that bygone era!

Address: 733 Seashore Rd, Cape May, NJ 08204

6. Gusto Brewing Company

Something that is obvious about the brewing scene in Cape May, is that community comes first – be it the existing locals of the seaside community, or the hordes of vacationing craft beer lovers who come to the shores each year. 

At Gusto Brewing Company, this sense of community couldn’t be more prominent, with dedicated members of the city coming together to create a space where people can share their passions and enjoy some of the best beer in the state. 

What Gusto really shows though is that, even without the help of big corporations and manufacturers, dedicated brewers can really create their own legacies in this blossoming industry. 

Address: 3860 Bayshore Rd, North Cape May, NJ 08204

7. Ludlam Island Brewing 

At Ludlam Island Brewing, the name of the game is hard work, dedication, and producing great beers – and this is something these guys do in spades. 

With a cozy, nautical themed taproom, and some of the best beer in the city, Ludlam Island might not be the biggest brewer on this list, but they are certainly one of the most memorable. 

With a whole host of locally produced craft beers, and a warm, welcoming environment in which to drink them, Ludlam Island Brewing really is one worth checking out. 

Address: 9 Stoney Ct, Ocean View, NJ 08230

8. Mudhen Brewing Company

Located in the nearby town of Wildwood, New Jersey, Mudhen Brewing Company is the perfect place to get great food, good company, and fantastic tasting beer. 

With a flashy attractive sign, these guys really know what their lane is – but this doesn’t mean they stick to it, as they are constantly pushing themselves to create unique, memorable beers that keep people coming back for more. 

For something a little flashier, this is certainly the place for you!

Address: 127 W Rio Grande Ave, Wildwood, NJ 08260

9. Slack Tide Brewing Company

Founded in 2015 by the Campbell brothers, Slack Tide Brewing Company represents a labor of love that had been in the making for many years. 

Self confessed craft beer fanatics, the brothers started Slack Tide with one mission – creating diverse and exciting beers that are of high quality, and which benefit the local community. 

And this is exactly what they have done, producing some of the best beers in the city, and creating a hang out spot where locals and tourists alike can feel right at home. 

Address: 1072 Route 83 Unit 3, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210

10. Behr Brewing

Last but not least, we have Behr Brewing – a great, community minded craft brewery that has everything you could ever want. 

With great food, great company, and even greater beer, the only thing brighter than Behr Brewing’s future is their building, which is painted a striking blue color. 

Why not head down and check them out? 

Address: 513 Seashore Rd, CAPE MAY, NJ 08204

Final Thoughts

It’s true that the craft beer industry has exploded in recent years – with more and more independently owned breweries appearing with each passing year.

However, as this list highlights, there are some breweries that do things just a little better than the rest. 

So if you want to find the best breweries in Cape May, then be sure to check out these great spots!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we know a little more about the best breweries in Cape May, it is now time for us to examine some frequently asked questions that you might be interested in. 

Is Craft Beer Expensive? 

Generally speaking, craft beer is more expensive than major branded beers – purely because they are made independently, and the producers incur more costs during the brewing and canning process.

As such, the price is usually higher to reflect this fact. 

Is Craft Beer Stronger? 

Not in every instance, but by and large, craft beer is usually somewhat stronger than general, store bought lager, ale, or beer.

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