What Is Draft Beer?

Draft beer is a popular drink choice for many beer enthusiasts, particularly those who enjoy the taste and quality of fresh beer. Many bars and breweries now advertise that they serve draft beers and there is a big consumer demand for craft draft beers, especially. But what exactly are draft beers? How do they differ …

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Does Beer Expire?

If you’re sorting through your alcohol cupboard, you may be tempted to throw away some beer that has been in there a while. Beer usually has an expiration date, but if you drink the beer past the expiration date, it doesn’t become unsafe. Instead, you will simply experience unpleasant tastes and aromas when you sip …

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What Is Birch Beer?

If you are a native of Pennsylvania, or are pretty close to a native of the state, then you may have already heard of the mysterious Birch Beer that most Pennsylvanians will admit to being their favorite drink. But, what is Birch Beer, is it actually beer, or something else? We did the research so …

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How To Carbonate Beer

Making your own beer can be an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience. It’s fun trying things out, and witnessing some of the different nuances of flavor you can create. If you’re just getting started out with making your own beer, then chances are you have a whole host of questions.  Perhaps the most prevalent one …

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