12 Delicious Canadian Beers To Try Today

Canada is a country that has a cultivated social and drinking culture. Many Canadian citizens like to socialize with friends and colleagues after hectic schedules, so drinking is a large part of the country’s culture. 

12 Delicious Canadian Beers To Try Today

Canada is known for their whiskey and wine, but they are also known for their beer. This advanced area has several microbreweries located all over the nation.

You can also find a wealth of Canadian beers in bars, restaurants, and stores in and out of the country. 

If you’re thinking about giving Canadian beers a go, keep reading! You’ll find 12 of the tastiest Canadian beers in this post. 

Whether you prefer fruity ales with lots of flavor, or lighter lagers to keep you cool in the summer, you’re bound to find a Canadian beer that suits your taste below! 

1. Molson

John Molson first created his brewery in Montreal back in 1786. Named Molson after his namesake, the brewery is the oldest in North America and is a popular beer brand drunk inside Canada. 

Molson brews a variety of interesting beers, including Molson Canadian, Molson Export, and Molson Ice. Each of these different options has various flavors depending on the one you choose.

For instance, Molson Export has a complex flavor profile with European and Canadian ingredients. Molson Ice has a strong flavor, aroma, and distinct ingredients, like hops and malts. 

Molson also creates Molson Dry, giving health-conscious individuals a lighter option that has fewer calories and carbs. 

If you opt for Molson Canadian lager, the drink has a dark golden color and a durable frothy head. It gives off light citrus scents along with sweeter corn, honey, and bread notes.

The lager has a sweet taste and a velvety, slightly dry aftertaste. 

2. Big Rock Traditional Ale

This option from Big Rock Brewery is an English Brown Ale. it’s a dark-colored drink with a 5% alcohol content. 

The Traditional Ale is popular inside Canada and in areas close by. It creates a dense head that’s around a finger’s width.

The head is off-white and fades after several minutes, leaving residual foam on the sides of your glass. 

The ale gives off sweet caramel, roasted malt, and gentle nutty smells and flavors. You’ll also notice light-bready undercurrents that give the ale more notes compared to other Ales within Canada. 

The Traditional Ale has a moderately light body and a good carbonation level. This provides a soft mouthfeel with a pleasantly warm aftertaste. 

3. La Fin Du Monde

This beer’s name comes from the Mayan calendar’s term for the end of the universe.

The drink is a Belgian-style beer with, at 9%, a high alcohol content. It’s one of the most popular beverages made by Unibroue, one of Canada’s well-known breweries.

La Fin Du Monde has a light orange shade and creates a moderately sized head. This fades after a couple of minutes, leaving delicate lacing behind.

The drink gives off a tasty mix of wheat and pale malt, along with gentle corn undertones. 

The brewery has used interesting ingredients to make this Ale worth your while. Orange peel and coriander add juicy, peppery notes.

The yeast used in fermentation brings out all of these flavors, creating a spicy and fruity beverage. 

La Fin Du Monde is a noteworthy choice among other popular Belgian-style beers, thanks to its decent carbonation level and agreeably bitter aftertaste. 

4. Labatt Blue

Known well in both Canada and the U.S., Labatt has been a popular drink with beer enthusiasts since its beginnings in 1951. 

Labatt Blue is the globe’s top-selling Canadian beer. The drink was first named Labatt Pilsener, but was later named Labatt Blue after its blue label.

It has a light straw hue and creates a foamy white head around a finger’s width. 

The beer is made with high-quality ingredients, including pure Canadian barley, Hallertau hops, and two-row malted barley.

The result is a crisp drink with an invigorating feel. It has a light fruity taste, an interesting hop aroma, and a gentle sweet finish. 

5. Alexander Keith’s IPA

Alexander Keith’s brewery is found in Halifax. It was first founded by Alexander Keith in 1820, who had traveled to the area from Scotland in 1817. 

After several mergers and purchases, Labatt is currently owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. This is a Belgian company that handles over 400 beer brands around the globe. 

As the 1990s came, Alexander Keith’s IPA (India Pale Ale) became Nova Scotia’s top-selling beer. It’s made by brewing high-quality malted barley and a particular yeast strain at a slow rate. 

The result is a blonde ale-style beer with sweet fruity aromas. You’ll also notice malty bread, floral hops, and juicy fruit on the tongue. The IPA has a clean medium body and a moderately dry finish. 

It’s a wonderful choice for colder fall and winter days, though it’s crisp enough to keep you refreshed in the summer. 

6. Dieu du Peche Mortel

Peche Mortel comes from Quebec. The beer is often thought to be one of Canada’s best. It’s full of coffee flavors, so if you’re a fan of coffee, you may like this option.

Dieu du Peche Mortel has a dark black color and a decent carbonation level. You’ll notice a dense beige head when it’s poured.

The imperial stout gives off strong espresso scents, along with hints of malt and chocolate for a pleasant finish. 

The stout tastes like it smells, with strong coffee, dark chocolate, fruit, and earthy hoppy notes. It has a velvety mouthfeel and a dry, slightly bitter finish. This beer is meant to be savored, so take your time to enjoy it! 

7. Sleeman Honey Brown Lager

This Canadian American lager was made by Sleeman Breweries Ltd. It’s an amber lager with a deep red hue. The drink has a clear consistency and forms a foamy, off-white head. 

This lager gives off biscuit and butterscotch scents with gentle nutty undertones. The same notes are noticed along the tongue, though the beer also has honey, apricot, and hoppy bitter elements for a balanced flavor profile.

The Honey Brown Lager has a sweet, syrupy mouthfeel with a moderately-light body. The carbonation level is on the light side, making it ideal to wash down with food. 

8. KOKANEE Gold Amber Lager

Made by Columbia Brewery, KOKANEE Gold can be purchased at elegant establishments within Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia. 

A successful brand, KOKANEE GOld is known for its high-quality appeal. Columbia Brewery uses skilled craftsmanship, unique ingredients, and traditional brewing methods to create an amazing lager. 

The lager has a deep golden color with light caramel notes. This is the result of a blend of North American hops and four types of malts. 

It’s full body and clean flavors will keep you refreshed in warmer weather, though its fruity, sweet undertones will keep you satisfied on cooler days. 

9. Red Racer IPA

Loved for its prominent hoppy notes, Red Racer is produced by Canadia Central City Brewers and Distillers. The beer is an Indian Pale Ale with a 6.5% alcohol content. 

Red Racer has a clear consistency and a red-copper hue. It produces a dense beige head that’s around a finger’s width.

The IPA is full of hoppy flavors, citrus, and pine notes. It also has light malty notes that complement the stronger earthy elements. 

10. Mill Street Tankhouse Ale

Tankhouse Ale is produced by Mill Street Brewery, located in Toronto. This is a traditional pale ale with a dark red hue. It has a balanced flavor profile with spicy nut scents and several malt notes. 

Most notably, Mill Street uses five different malts to add depth to the beer. They also use a peppery Cascades hop which adds distinct hop notes to the drink. The result is a bittersweet beverage with a velvety finish. 

11. Trois Pistoles

Another option from Unibroue, this Belgian-style ale was originally made in 1997. Hailing from Les Basques, it’s a natural choice for those that love dark beer. 

Trois Pistoles has a deep brown hue and produces a dense, off-white head. It’s made with four individual malts which give the drink a pleasant roasted fragrance.

You’ll also notice fruit and chocolate undercurrents and a peppery, slightly spicy flavor. 

The ale-styled beer has a smooth mouthfeel and a dry, warm aftertaste. Its earthy and smoky notes make it ideal for colder weather, while its chocolatey undercurrents are reminiscent of fall and winter. 

12. Moosehead Lager

Known as one of Canada’s oldest independent breweries, Moosehead originated back in 1867. The brewery’s American Lager is a popular choice that’s made with high-quality ingredients. 

Made with pure water from New Brunswick’s lakes and rivers, hops, and two-row pale malted barley, Moosehead Lager has an interesting mix of scents and flavors. 

The American lager has a gold hue and produces a foamy white head. This fades quickly, turning into residual lacing around the glass.

There’s a nice balance between bitter hops and sweet malt notes, creating a delicious, easy-to-drink beer. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know the names of some interesting Canadian beers! 

Whether you favor complex ales or refreshing lagers, we hope you enjoy trying some of these Canadian beers for yourself. You never know, you might just find a new favorite!

Rees Vaughn
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